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Saijun LED light box exported to more than 100 countries,They are widely used in Banks, Securities, exhibition,Traffic System,Hospital, and Stadium etc……

90% of our LED light box are exported to other countries and our customer cover in more than 100 countries and regions. They are widely used in Banks, Securities, exhibition,Traffic System (highway, airport, railway and subway etc) Hospital, and Stadium etc……

Please kindly check for our led light box advertising project as following:

Project of Saijun led light box

LED light box is generally applying for:

A. Park attractions engineering ,local lantern engineering, the district billboards engineering, shelters engineering, the project of self-service bank teller, telephone booths engineering, electricity emergency works, construction exhibition project, the Airport Corridor project, the subway train station export projects, and so on.

B.exhibition hall.museums,libraries,stadiums,art gallery,show gallery,opera houses,universities,middle school,vocational school,hospital,bank,insurance, securities decorative propaganda works.,guesthouses,restaurants,Villa, tea-house ,Western restaurants, cake West Bakery, Bar, Kara OK hall, ballroom, sauna shops, beauty salon, gym, health, hospital and other landscaping works.

D.meeting center,exhibition center, rush center, municipal engineering, department stores, chain supermarkets, shopping square, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, drink trade, alcohol and tobacco trade, chain fast food, pharmaceutical chain ,stationery center, the high-quality goods center, furniture center , household appliances, Musical Instruments monopoly and some advertising promotion project.

E.Wedding photo studio, home decoration, construction decoration, design institutes, and Planning, Product Design Center.

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Saijun with so much design led light box.Indoor & Outdoor,Snap open & Suck open & Lock open,Aluminum Profile & Frame-less.It is sure one of design would salable in your local market.And Saijun could produce your custom design as well.
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Your price could keep same in same quantity for at least one year.Even the current rate is change and the material cost increase.We would bear the lost for you.
All of our led light box with one year warranty.It is including all the parts,including the adapter,screws.•Customer Service
We would reply you in 1~12 hours for time difference.And it would reply in 24 hours for holiday.And we are willing offer the VIP service to our clients.You could ask your supplier send the goods to us for combine shipment.button-read-more-purple
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