Frequently question & answer of led light box

Just the FAQ of led light box …

Over the years, we have fielded a lot of questions from people regarding our light boxes – more recently the LED light box and led curtain.  We thought it would be helpful to list some of the most frequent and common ones for easy reference:


Q:What if I just want an LED panel to backlight a stained glass image or piece of art?

A:SaiJun can provide an LED panel without a snap frame in any size, from 200 x 200 mm / 8 inch×8 inch up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm/ 60 inch ×120 inch, that can backlight your art.You could choice the LED curtain,but the MIN space for the led to the film is 60 mm / 2.36 inch.

Q: Do you have any stands that can hold the light box? 

A:Yes, we have many stock and custom designs to choose from that can meet your exact needs.But we strong you purchase the stands locally to reduce the international freight fee.

  • Slim Light Box We also call it as light box,light panels,edge-lit display, edge-lit panel, edge-lit slim light box, back-lit display, back-lit panel, and back-lit slim light box. It is the latest advertise sign product, and it is salable to all over the world. Slim light box is applied the unique acrylic light panel technology. It adopts the fluorescent lamp (T4/T5), CCFL, LED, EEFL as lamp source. Ultra slim, high brightness, equally light, save electricity are the most character of the slim light box.Most of LED slim light box use the following design:Indoor sllm light box , Outdoor slim ligth box, Single sided slim light box , Double sided slim light box , Flip open slim light box , snap open slim lightbox , Suck open slim light box , Crystal slim lightbox , Lock open slim lightbox , Fabric slim lightbox , Magnetic slim lightbox.

  • Ultra slim light box is generally applying for:

    A. Park attractions engineering ,local lantern engineering, the district billboards engineering, shelters engineering, the project of self-service bank teller, telephone booths engineering, electricity emergency works, construction exhibition project, the Airport Corridor project, the subway train station export projects, and so on.

    B.exhibition hall.museums,libraries,stadiums,art gallery,show gallery,opera houses,universities,middle school,vacational school,hospital,bank,insurance, securities decorative propaganda works.

    C.hotels,guesthouses,restaurants,Villa, teahouse ,Western restaurants, cake West Bakery, Bar, Kara OK hall, ballroom, sauna shops, beauty salon, gym, health, hospital and other landscaping works.

    D.meeting center,exhibition center, rush center, municipal engineering, department stores, chain supermarkets, shopping square, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, drink trade, alcohol and tobacco trade, chain fast food, pharmaceutical chain ,stationery center, the high-quality goods center, furniture center , household appliances, Musical Instruments monopoly and some advertising promotion project.

    E.Wedding photo studio, home decoration, construction decoration, design institutes, and Planning, Product Design Center.

  • Configuration of LED Slim Light Box

    Configuration of LED Slim Light Box
  • Heat emission : LED vs Fluorescent light box

    LED vs Fluorescent light box
    Frame size Lamp
    Power Temperature
    300×1500mm LED
    24W <36℃
    300×1500mm Fluorescent
    35W <50℃
  • What is the material of the frame of the lighting box ? wood or alum.?

     The material of frame is aluminium mostly.


  • Q: How large can SaiJun make its LED light boxes?
    A:We have the unique capability to manufacture LED light boxes up to 1500 x 3000 mm/60 inch ×120 inch in size.
  • Q: What type of graphic is used in a backlit light box? 
    A:Images are printed on a translucent material such as Duratrans and are 0.18~0.2 mm thick,we call it Indoor ceiling material transparent soft film.

  • How to order?

    It’s very easy and prompt.

    Please kindly contact us using email, Skype or telephone, we will give you detailed quotations ASAP, including unit price, estimated weight and freight cost. Your order is just like in your local area. The worldwide Door-To-Door Express forwarders will help us finish all the process, include custom clearance.

    Once your order is finished and turned over to freight forwarder, Packing list, Business invoice and Tracing Numbers are sent to you in 48 hours.

  • How long can I receive my order?

    1. For regular products(Ready-made standard size), it can be delivered within 3~17 days (according to your quantity)after receiving your payment.
    2. For custom made products, it can be delivered within 4-17days (according to your quantity) after receiving your deposit.
    3. The delivery time is about 5-7 working days by Door-To-Door Express Services.
  • What shipping method do you use?

    For small order or rush order, We use DHL, UPS and other courier company services. Provide DOOR-TO-DOOR WORLDWIDE EXPRESS SERVICES. It can be arrived to your door in 5-14 working days in most countries.

    For volume orders, the cost will be much cheaper via ocean shipping.

    Q:Could you arrange the shipment for us?
    A:Yes,we would arrange the DHL express shipment,airfreight shipment,Ocean shipment (FCL, LCL) to all over the country.
  • What kind of payment methods do you accept?

    PayPal, Western Union,Bank Transfer.

    How about payment terms?

    Normally, we accept T/T in advance. 50% deposit and balance due before delivery.

  • If I order slim light box samples, how much it would cost?(In United States)

    If you order in small quantity, Door-To-Door Express Service is a good choice, the cost analysis below is based on Door-To-Door Express Services

    Price of ultra led slim light box

    Note:Total Charge=Subtotal+Freight Charge, The product will be delivered in 3-17 working days when receiving your payment. No hidden fee.

  • Our warrantly of LED light box is one year,including all the parts.

    If you order is more than 100 unit, we could offer free spare parts.


  • We only choice acrylic as light panel & face cover panel (some client request the PETG for face panel).
    We only choice the branded LED, CREE, EPISTAR, CHIMEI etc.
    LED lamp with Roth / SGS / CE certifation;LED PCB with UL / Roth cetifiation;Power Supply with UL / CE / SGS / SAA/ C-tick / PSE  certification;Wire with UL / CE / Roth / SAA / PSE cetification;Most of parts with SGS / Roth certification.

  • Produce Flow of led light box:(Produce time:For sample:3~7 days; For quantity:5~21 days)
    1. Cut the acrylic & Aluminium extrusion into the custom size;
    2. Carve the channel by laser machine(Crystal led light box and some custom design request);
    3. Carve the laser dots on the acrylic panel for light diffuse;
    4. Assemble the aluminium extrusion,acrylic light panel and LEDs,power supply into led light box;
    5. Clean & QC test the LED light box;
    6. Packing and arrange the freight.
    LED light box produce flow
  • 90% of our LED light box are exported to other countries and our customer cover in more than 100 countries and regions. They are widely used in Banks, Securities, exhibition,Traffic System (highway, airport, railway and subway etc) Hospital, and Stadium etc……

    Our diverse range of end users includes:

    client_Brand logo
    Regional Shopping Malls Restaurants Hospitality Facilities Gaming Establishments Amusement Parks Recreation Centers Stadiums Sports Facilities Trade Shows Financial Institutions Educational Institutions Government Agencies Medical Facilities Store Fixture Manufacturers Non-residential Designers Corporate Visual Merchandisers Architectural Firms Project Management Companies Sign Companies Marketing Firms Advertising Agencies Graphic Houses Consumer Products Companies Retailers
  • We would inspect the LED light box several time before shipment.
    The inspection is throughout the produce:
    Inspection throughout the production
  • Our packing is very good,individual packing +carton box + pallet(ocean shipment).
    If you request,if the improve the pallet into the wooden box with pallet.
    Packing(By ocean)
  • How to change poster?
    It is very easy.All the film / poster between the acrylic light panel and the face panel.
    How to open snap open led light box
    For snap open led light box,just flip open the aluminium profile,no need any tools;
    For suck open led slim light box, it need the suck cup to open it form the corner of the thin light box;
    For crystal light box,it need take off the Stainless Steel Advertising Screws form the LED board;
    For fabric led light box,it need the cutter blade or any key to take off the fabric form the corner; For Lock open led light box,it need the match lock.
  • How long is the wires?

    A:The wires could divide into three parts, total lenght is approximately 10 feet long. The part A (Fixed lenght) is about 0.39 inch,the part B (Fixed lenght) is 6.56 inch,part C (Fixed lenght) is 4.9 inch. Please kindly confirm the detail of the wires.


  • How to change the LED lamp?

    It is easy.Please kindly check for the Operator Manual as following:

    LED Lamp change

  • Color Temperature of LED Light Panel

    Color Temperature of LED Light Panel

    The color of edge-lit light panel is very easy find by eyes.The color of LED light panel would be affect the advertising film mainly.
    The standard color temperature is 6500 Kelvin, +/- 500, however, custom temperatures are available as low as 3000 Kelvin.
    Different color temperature of led lighting (4)Different color temperature of led lighting (2)
    What is color temperature?Which Color Temperature of LED light panel suit for your advertising project?Let's have a look of different color temperature:
    Actually,the nature light is change the color temperature on different time.
    Different color temperature of led lighting (3)
    Now some client would think about what is the best color temperature for our advertising project?There is different choice for difference country.Most of Euro client prefer the 5000~6500 K LED. USA client prefer the 3500~5000 K led light box.And for the difference application,it would request the different color temperature led slim light box.Which Color Temperature of LED light panel suit for your advertising project?
    How is the color temperature effect our advertising project?Let's shows a beauty lady:
    Different color temperature of led lighting (1)
    It is very easy to shows the difference color temperature would effect the eyes we seems.Which Color Temperature of LED light panel suit for your advertising project?
    Maybe the following photo would be easy show you the different color temperature as well.
    Different color temperature of led lighting (5)
    Saijun Company Limited offer three color temperature for your LED advertising project : 3000~3500 K (Warm White) / 5000 ~ 5500 k ( Pure White ) / 6000~6500 K (Nature white ) for you choice.
    Please kindly contact us for any inquiry of led slim light box / led light panel / advertising project.
    Thank you for your time !
  • How to choice the frame for the big size led light box

    There are several frame could be choice for the slim light box,flip open / Snap open,suck open/magnetic,Lock open.Which one would be better for the large size,safety and outstanding nice looking?

    Please kindly check for the different as following:
    Different Type of LED Light Box Thickness Advantage for big size Disadvantage for big size Recommend Max Size
    Flip Open  9~33 mm Aluminum Profile could hold the face panel strongly,Safe for public;Much aluminum Profile could be choice The aluminum profile would bring a not smooth boarder; 1500 x 3000 mm /59″ x 118″
    Suck open 15~25 mm Out standing Outlook,the silk print boarder could be white / gray / black.Smooth frame boarder. The face panel is hard to hold by the magnet strip only,SJM1730 better for big size as it with the rubber strip to hold the face panel. 1200 x 2440 mm (48″x 96″) for SJM1730,Others magnetic design only less than A0 size.
    Crystal Frameless 8~15 mm Out standing Outlook,the edge lighting,seems like crystal. It is only hold the face panel by the advertising screws.It would be deform if the backside with the structure to support it. width less than 800 mm/31″,Length less than 1800 mm/71″
    Fabric frameless 27~120 mm out standing frame-less outlook,it could combine several medium size into a big size. It is very good for big size LED lighting wall.But some client prefer display the media by the ink jet film,instead of the fabric. No size limited for the advertising Wall.For single one,the max size recommend is 1200 mm x 2400 mm (48″x 96″).
    Lock Open  40~150 mm Strong frame and waterproof in somehow;Safe and no human affect on the public area. The frame is thick,the border is more than 45mm,quick big. 1200 mm x 2400 mm (48″x 96″) for edge-lit lock open led light box;2000 mm x 3000 mm for back-lit one.
    Backlit Lighting 55~200 mm Strong frame for outdoor The frame is thick,the border is quick big No size limited
  • Ten Reasons to choice SaiJun

    1.Design is nice,reliable and salable
    There are so many design LED slim light box:Indoor & Outdoor;Flip open / snap open / Lock open / Suck open / Frame-less / Crystal / Fabric / Magnetic / Mirror / Sensor .It is more than 30 kinds thin light box design.We sure one of them would suit for your request.

    2.Custom size and big size,no quantity limited
    We could make the big size and custom size for your advertising sign project.And there is no quantity limited.1 pcs is OK.But if the packing less than 1 CBM,it would be better send by express.

    3.Material is best quality and with certification
    Only choice Acrylic / PMMA as light panel,some other factory would choice PS panel as light panel,which is very easy to scuff into some white powder. Our frame choice the thick aluminium,1.2mm~1.5mm.But some other factory only offer the frame in very thin aluminum,only 0.6mm~0.8mm. We choice the adapter with UL,C-TICK,ROTH,SAA,PSE. It would be reliable than the adapter only with CE,or even without any certification; The wire & plug with UL Roth certification as well; The rubber ring on the backside with Roth as well. It choice the stainless steel studs and clamps,the hanging part is stainless steel as well.

    4.Packing is suit for international trading
    It would be pack the LED light box into individual packing,which contains the preservative film,Bubble Bag,4 pcs protect foams corners,cardboard;Then several individual packing would pack into one carton box.For large size and ocean shipment,it would be add the pallets on the bottom for shipment. The packing would protect the LED light box for international shipment.

    5.LED light box is good quality,with one year guarantee
    It is one year guarantee for our LED board,including all the parts. Our LED light box with long life,most of them use still working when use for near 7 year now. But compare with the brightness when the new one, the brightness of the LED light box would be reduce when working for long time.

    6.Cheap price,no any extra fee
    Most of other factory would quote the price for you,and when you place order,it would ask for some extra fee form you. For example,packing fee,adapter update fee,change plug fee,high brightness update fee,Sample fee / MIN order fee,urgent order fee… We only ask for bank hanging fee when confirm the order,no any other extra fee.Our price including the packing,match adapter,match plug.

    7.Large production capacity,50 workers with more than 5 years experience
    There are more than 50 workers with more than 5 years experience,we could produce A1 100 light box per day. Most of LED light box factory in China is very small,only less than 20 workers.Some only with less than 10 workers.

    8.Soon feedback and easy to communication
    We would try to reply mail in 12 hours,and it would be reply in 24 hours in holiday. You could add our WhatApp (0086 13538748056) as well.

    9.We could arrange shipment for you,Express,air freight & ocean shipment,Custom label and other VIP service
    If the packing less than 1 CBM,it would be better send by express;If the volume is 1CBM ~2 CBM,it would be better send by common air ( air port to air port);If more than 2 CBM,it could send by LCL ocean shipment.We could arrange the shipment for you.And we could send to your point address then send together with your other supplier in China.

    10.Easy for payment
    You could pay by paypal, western union,alipay, T/T (Hongkong bank account)
    If you are interested in knowing more about us, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

    Would you like to enlarge your market by increase LED light box into your product list? Choice Saijun led light box ! Saijun with so much design led light box.Indoor & Outdoor,Snap open & Suck open & Lock open,Aluminum Profile & Frame-less.It is sure one of design would salable in your local market.And Saijun could produce your custom design as well.

    Would you like to decorate your store to bring more seals? Choice Saijun led light box ! Even we are the factory,we could offer the retail to all over the world as well.No matter what existing retail or commercial space looks like, we can help you to realize a stunning outcome!Sai Jun provides visual presentation solutions that can help generate more excitement and sales opportunities for you and your business. From energy-saving advertising led light box to illuminated back-lite led decoration wall , Sai Jun offers the latest in visual presentation illuminated LED products for indoor and outdoor environments. We also produce custom products, including large-format led light box, led menu boards, and other eye-catching, graphic display solutions that can take your presentations to new heights. Contact Sai Jun today and get more sales, not just more decoration!

    Do you still spend much time to detail with the painful debate problem (Price pitfalls,poor quality,loss quantity,hard to contact for any problem,delay product time)? Choice Saijun led light box !
    Saijun would be your good led light box supplier. •Price Your price could keep same in same quantity for at least one year.Even the current rate is change and the material cost increase.We would bear the lost for you.
    •Warranty All of our led light box with one year warranty.It is including all the parts,including the adapter,screws.•Customer Service We would reply you in 1~12 hours for time difference.And it would reply in 24 hours for holiday.And we are willing offer the VIP service to our clients.You could ask your supplier send the goods to us for combine shipment.
  • What is the BEST LED slim light box?11 key element of the BEST LED slim light box

    What is the BEST LED slim light box?11 key element of the BEST LED slim light box

    1.Choice the best material
    Only choice the acrylic / PMMA as light panel and face panel;
    Choice the thick aluminium as extrusion frame;
    Choice the adapter with UL,CE,SAA,C-TICK,JSE certification;
    Choice the spare parts with CE,Roth,UL certification;

    2.Design is easy to install and change the film,and it could protect the film.It accord with public safety.

    3.Color of the lighting
    The color of the whole light box is same.And the pure white color (6000K) is best.
    But some custom request the warm white (4500~5000K),yellow white (3000~3500K) ,cool white (8000K)

    The brightness is equally.
    Divided the light box into 9 area,and check the brightness of the 9 point.The brightness different of the 9 point is less than 200LUX;
    The average brightness is in 2000 LUX ~ 3000 LUX.
    But some application request the different brightness.For example,the parking lot & rest room,home decoration request the less brightness.
    The supper market and shoppe request the high brightness;
    For different size,the brightness would be different as well.For the very large size in edge-lit design,the brightness would be less than the normal size.

    5.No lamp light bleed

    6.No lighting spots when add the white film / Fabric

    7.No wave shadow / hand shadow when move the LED light box

    8.Meticulous to the detail
    The wire hide by the aluminium extrusion,;it is nearly no gap on the 45 degree corner combine area;It is smooth on the aluminium combine are,not sharp;No scrap line & impurity substance on the acrylic panel & Aluminium profile.

    9.Packing is reliable for international shipment.
    10.With the guarantee
    The label with produce time,the label with QC pass,other Custom label.
  • What is light guide panel and which fields are its application?

    What is light guide panel and which fields are its application?

    1.The main material of LGP is PMMA(Acrylic or also called organic glass). Acrylic Panel which through special processing,only install light source on the side(CCFL cold cathode fluorescent tube ,LED ,T4 / T5 energy-saving tube),according to the square size,with installing the length's double side and one side(long double side /long single side),or the width's double side(short double side),then after power , will the whole Acrylic Panel be issued a uniform bright,which called "LGP".

    2.production methods: A,Silk print, Using a special ink printed pattern like dot on a transparent acrylic board.Generally the brightness of this method is better,as the slik printing dots is white color;B,Laser,using laser dot or line on the panel,the advantage of this method is quickly.But the laser cut had the size limited,the max size is 1.2 M x 2.44 M.

    Edge-lit LED Light Panel

  • Silk printing dots led light panel VS Laser dots led light panel

    Silk printing dots led light panel VS Laser dots led light panel
    How to make a bare transparent panel to be the light panel which could be guide the light evenly?It request add the dots on the bare transparent panel for the lighting diffuse reflection.
    There are two ways to add the light dots:silk printing & laser cutting.Let’s compare the different of the two methods.

    Silk printing dots
    Format:The silk printing dots is develop form single dots into 9 dots silk printing.
    Size limited:The former single dot silk printing dots is hard to control the big size acrylic panel which more than A1 size.The 9 dots silk printing could be easy to control any size of light panel.But it request the silk printing mold in different size.The silk printing mold easy to broken for long time use.
    Appearance:It would seem the dark area by eye easily by for format single dots silk printing.But the single dots is not so clear when you cover the white film onto it.The lighting seems every evenly by the 9 dots silk printing.But the 9 dots silk printing request at least 5 mm thickness acrylic for the light diffuse reflection.The most advantage is the scratch is not clear on the silk printing light panel.The scratch on back sided would not seem by the cover film;It could polish the scratch on the front of acrylic panel.And it would not seem the white area after the polish.(Only the acrylic panel could be polish,the PS panel could not do any polish.)
    It is manual operation.The quality would be main control by the experienced person in charge of the silk printing.It need long time to training.And it request face the cost increase the labor fee.
    The quality effect by the weather as well;
    Produce time:The silk printing only take one mins to printing the LGP in size 1500 x 3000 mm.So it take less produce time for several hundred pcs large size light panel.

    Laser dots
    Format:It is develop from the laser line into the laser dots;
    Size limited:it is size is referred to the size of the laser machine.The max size could be up to 2000 x 3000 mm;
    Appearance:Its lighting is evenly.And it could do the laser on the 3 mm acrylic to reduce the cost.But as the laser dots guide most of the light onto the surface of the panel.Any scratch and polish & hand print on the surface is very clear.
    It is machinery manufacturing。The quality is control of the laser machine and its software.It is easy to enlarge the invest.
    It would take long time for big size light panel.But the laser machine factory try to improve its speed.The most power laser machine would only take about 15 seconds for the LGP in size 600 x 600 mm.
    Consider of the invest,the labor fee,the quality control,most of factory adopt the laser dots now.Only some historical factory still offer the silk printing light panel.
  • What is effect the color of the led light panel?

    What is effect the color of the led light panel?

    (1)The main influencing factors is the LED;
    If you choice the 5500~6000 K led,the main color of the LGP is pure white;If you choice the 7000~8000 K led,the main color of the led panel is blue;if you choice the 2500~4500 K led,the main color of the led light board is yellow.
    But the realistic problems is the color of led is difference when it purchase form the led supplier.For most of LED supplier,they could only agree offer you the same area color led(for example,4500~4750 K) in some produce time.It would be a little different form the next time.If it is not so easy to find out until you put them together.So we could only offer the same color of led light pane in the single order.But if you obtain a very large project.It would divide into several orders in a period.
    How to deal with?First and the most important,you need to tell us you need the same color for this large project;Then we could stock the quantity led for your project if you agree to pay for some deposit.Then it could make sure the color of your whole project would be some led,some color.

    (2)The material of panel would effect the color as well;
    The most popular material for led light panel is Acrylic ( PMMA ) panel & PS panel.(As the new high-tech,the PS panel is form the blue color into the nearly transparent now.It is hard to find the difference of the PS panel and the acrylic panel by the professional person in this industry.)If choice the acrylic as light panel,it would not change the color;If choice the cheap blue PS as light panel,the color of light panel would be affect by the blue color of the PS panel;If choice the best PS panel as light panel,the color would be affect as well.

    (3)The reflective film on the backside of light panel;
    It would be better choice the pure white reflective film / paper on the backside of led light panel.But some reflective paper with a little yellow,some with a little blue.The color of reflective paper would be affect the color of led light panel.

    (4)The double sided tape on the edge;
    The double sided tape is transparent at the beginning.But it would change into yellow.The yellow color of the double sided tape would affect the color of the led light panel.

    (5)The glue cover the led lamp.
    If there is rest some glue cover the led lamp strip,the area would be produce some yellow color light.It would affect the color of the LED light panel.
    If you meet any problem of LED light panel,please free to contact [email protected]
  • Edge-lit LED light panel VS Back-lit LED light panel

    LED panel contains Edge-lit LED light panel & Back-lit LED light panel.
    Edge-lit LED Light Panels are thin, custom sizable, optical acrylic sheets with high output tier one LED embedded along the edge of the LED Light Panels with the silk screen printing 9 dots or an engraved light distribution matrix across the back of the panel. This light distribution grid pattern is optimized for each specific panel size to ensure maximum uniformity and brightest illumination possible over the the face of the panel.

    The edge-lit Led light panel is the perfect way to illuminate pictures and displays using the latest in LED technology. Its ultra-slim design may be ordered with a snap frame, which makes installation and changing the picture extremely easy. These panels are energy efficient using between only 7 W to 40 W depending on the size.

    The Edge-lit led light panel with the size limited.As the max size of the Acrylic is 1500 x 3000 mm.And it order to obtain the good brightness,the best size for edge-lit led light panel is less than 1000 x 3000 mm.The size 600 x 600 mm,600 x 1200 mm is most popular.For the big size project,it would be combine several edge-lit led light panel together into the big size led wall.The MIN distance form the led wall to the film / Surface is 60 mm.Or it would seems the combine line.
    Edge-lit led light panel

    Edge-lit LED acrylic light panel

    Back-lit LED light panel

    The mostly advantage of the back-lit led light panel is no the size limited.It could apply for the very big size project. It is without acrylic light panel,no silk screen printing dots / engraved light distribution matrix across the back of the panel.It distribution the LED strips behind a diffusive acrylic.
    It is thick,as it need the distance to avoid bright spots.
    It put the LED close together.This increase cost,power consumption and brightness.

    LED curtain is mostly apply for the back-lit led light panel now.
    Backlit LED light panel

    Backlit LED light panel

    Which method would be better for your led light panel?
    Both of the silk printing dots and laser dots could offer the evenly lighting diffuse reflection.But which one would be suit for your lighting project?

    LED light panel with Silk printing dots
    If your request is very strict.It request no seems any scratch.For example,the make-up advertising would be better choice the silk printing led light panel.
    For large size LGP in bulk,if request the urgent produce time,it would be better choice the silk printing light panel.

    LED light panel with laser dots
    It could choice the less thickness acrylic panel to reduce the cost.And it could reduce the labor fee.Most of application would choice the laser dots led light panel.
  • Basic Differences Between T5, CCFL, EEFL and LED Slim Light Boxes

    Basic Differences Between T5, CCFL, EEFL and LED Slim Light Boxes

    The decision of what type of slim light box to buy can be somewhat confusing if you do not analyze the unique properties that each light box has, and weight these properties against a list of prioritized reasons for which you are purchasing a slim light box. The following is a list of things to consider when purchasing your slim light box.

    1. Aesthetics: Does the look of the slim light box weigh heavy on your purchasing decision? If it does, then the first choice would be that of lamp source. Edlite offer the four lamp source slim light box [LED, EEFL,CCFL, T5] for you choice. Then, beyond choosing lamp source, you should look at the profile of the frame. The newest breakthrough in slim light box technology is the emergence of LED’s. By utilizing very small footprint LED lamps, the frame of the slim light box can be reduced down to 0.59 inches thick. This is less than 5/8″ thick! This LED slim light box is not even a box: It is a panel! It has a very sleek and thin look when mounted to your wall. If I were purchasing for a high-end department store, this is elegant look I would want to portray.

    2. Electrical Consumption: This is not a consideration one usually puts at the top of the priority list when purchasing light box panels, but believe it or not, it is a very important factor. See chart below.

    3. Who is Going to Change the Bulb? This is a very important consideration that most purchasers don’t even think about up front. Do you have a full-time, reliable janitorial or facilities management staff  Will you be shutting down each slim light box at the end of each business day, and turning them back on in the morning? Don’t kid yourself, this virtually never happens!
            a.   Traditional T5 slim light boxes have bulbs that last about 1.5 years if you are leaving the slim light box on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When just one of two bulbs dies, a huge cold spot [shadow] appears on your slim light box. Will a janitorial person quickly take notice, have extra T5 bulbs on hand, and come quick for a bulb change-out? Will the box sit idle for days on end, half lit up and half in shadows? The maintenance and bulb change-out is simple, but like mowing your lawn or cleaning your gutters, it can be an annoying and often procrastinated chore. So, if bulb changing is not your thing, don’t choose T5 technology

            b.   CCFL have a more difficult symptom: Their bulbs are very difficult to change because they are very thin and installed into the slim light box frame in an integrate manner. Unless you have a knack for tinkering, or some craftsman-type ability, these light boxes usually need to be returned to the factory for bulb replacement. The good point is that CCFL bulbs will last 4 to 5 years [if leaving the light box on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week] c.    EEFL slim light boxes have a life of about 50,000 hours of life, the bulbs are easy to change, but easy to broken in the delivery. d.    LED slim light boxes have a life of about 100,000 hours of life! For all practical purposes, this light box is going to last and last 100,000 hours divided by 8760 hours per year= 11.41 years]. You will spend a bit more on the upfront purchase, but you will get payback in both convenience and cost-savings from bulb replacement (labor and materials).


      Basic Differences Between T5, CCFL, EEFL and LED Slim Light Boxes

  • Whats the way to buy comfortable led light box / slim light box when budget is less?

    Whats the way to buy Comfortable led light box / slim light box when budget is less?
    Is it the best way to make the DIY led slim light box?Maybe you could chick for the 9 steps to check for how to make the inexpensive DIY led light box by yourself.But for me,for most of person,I think is not so easy.And we are lack of the necessary machine for the DIY slim light box.
    Maybe you could contact us for the disassemble material to make the led slim light box locally.It would be full of fun and more easy.
    Let's compare the cost of LED slim light box with size 24"x24" (610 x 610 mm) for you.
      Material Equipment Tools Time Cost Effect Application
    – “Dioder” LED set from Ikea.(3pcs short cut led strip) – 24″ x 24″ Sheet metal (Steel) – 1/4″ translucent acrylic sheet – Something to make electrical connections – Powder coat or paint – FlowJet waterjet cutter – Sheet metal bending brake – Spot Welder – Laser Cutter – Powder coat gun and oven – AutoDesk Inventor 2012 – PC – Soldering Iron At least 3~6 hours 20 USD + fee of metal + fee of paint/powder+fee of electric charge+fee of machine loss + 3~6 hours labor fee It is supper simple,with light,even the lighting is not very even.Middle area is about 1000 LUX,the edge is about 4500-6500 LUX. Personal use,for example,it could check for the draft and advertising film.
    Saijun Dissassemble led light box (Back-lit design) - Aluminum frame cut into angle
    - LED and adapter (UL,CE,C-tick,SAA) with wires
    - 24"x24"ABS/Metal sheet
    - 0.1" / 2mm translucent acrylic sheet
    Screw driver and knife,welding pen No need any about 10 mins About 15 USD for aluminum extrusion + 14 USD LED strip(about 144 pcs led strip)+ 10 USD Adapter + About 4 USD ABS/metal sheet+ 5 USD 2 mm translucent acrylic sheet+Freight + 10 mins Labor fee It is a little thick,about 70 mm / 2.75",even brightness about about 3000 LUX. Advertising signs,personal use,home decor or Store decor
    Saijun Dissassemble led light box (Edge-lit design) - Aluminum frame cut into angle - LED and adapter (UL,CE,C-tick,SAA) with wires - 24"x24" Acrylic panel
    - 0.1" / 2 mm translucent acrylic sheet
    Screw driver and knife,welding pen No need any about 20 mins About 8 USD for aluminum extrusion + 10 USD LED strip + 4 USD Adapter + 13 USD 5 mm acrylic light panel + 5 USD 2 mm translucent acrylic sheet+Freight + 20 mins Labor fee Slim,only about 15 mm / 0.59" thickness,even brightness about 1800 LUX. Advertising signs,personal use,home decor or Store decor
    If you interest,please kindly contact us for the disassemble material to make the led slim light box locally.Have Fun!
  • LED Panel and LED Wall

    Referred to LED Wall,most of people would appear the led lamps full of a wall before their eyes.
    That is the normal design.It is costly,request large power cost.
    led wall,led backlit wall

    LED backlit lighting wall

    LED backlit wall

    LED backlit wall

    If only for display the photo / film,not for lighting,it could consider of the LED panel / LED light box to be the led Wall.
    Fabric led light box-www.saijunled.com

    Fabric led light box as led wall

  • What is different from LED light panel form LED display?

    Q:What is different from LED light panel form LED display?
    A:LED display is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes as a video display.
    LED light panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display. They are typically used outdoors in store signs and billboards, and in recent years have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles or even as part of transparent glass area. LED light panel are sometimes used as form of lighting, for the purpose of general illumination, task lighting, or even stage lighting rather than display.
  • Three reason choice Fabric led light box popular on fashion dress store

    Why most of fashion dress and personal adornment store prefer the frameless fabric led light box?

    fabric-light-box SJFA70 Fabric led light box(4) SJFA29 Fabric led light box(1)

    There are mainly three reason:

    1.Compare with the Inkjet film as photo media,the fabric is environment protection material;

    2.The fabric is most similar as the cloth material

    3.Fabric led light box with competitive price,as remove the front cover acrylic.

    For any inquiry of fabric led light box,please kindly contact us visa mail [email protected]

  • LED Light panel to decor the fake indoor windows

    Sometimes,light is need for the room,but the structure of the room no allow to have a windows.
    How to make the room looks better?
    Some client have a good idea to bring the light into room which lack of windows.
    They try to assemble the LED light panel into the wall,and mounting the color windows sticker onto the led light panel,then it become the antique & romantic windows.
    Colorwoo windows landscape wall sticker 20150830_185716
    20150830_185728 20150830_185753
    How to make the light windows?There are only 4 steps to assemble the light windows:
    1. Make the wood frame;
    2. Install the LED acrylic light panel or led curtain;
    3. Mounting the windows sticker;
    4. Cover the wood frame and plug in

    Please kindly feel free contact us for the led light panel ligting solution to upgrate your home decor.Thank you for your time.

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