Free advertising Printing Service

It is including the backlit inkjet graphic film & Backlit Fabric & Wall stickers.

Saijun offer the Free advertising printing service fro our end users.

Send us the drawing – Printing – Pack together with your slim light box

It is including the backlit inkjet graphic film & Backlit Fabric & Wall stickers.

inkjet filmThe backlit inkjet graphic film is apply in the common led slim light box ( Snap open led light bx;Suck open led light box;Lock open led light box;Crystal led light box;Poster Frame);The backlit fabric is apply for the fabric led light box;The wall stickers is apply for some led panel and other led sign,led mural wall.




SJFA29 Fabric led light box(1)The Back-lit fabric is apply for fabric led light box,it request no lighting throughout when lighting.And it request some flexibility.

For packing,in order to prevent the fabric damage on transit,it would cover the light panel of fabric led slim light box,and it would install when it arrived the end user.




Colorwoo windows landscape wall stickerInterior Wall Murals ( Wall Stickers / Semi-transparent Windows sticker / No-slip Floor Sticker / Wardrobe Sticker ) is a smart solution to business decoration. Unlike traditional wall paper or paint options, our giant photo wall murals are removable, reusable and won’t damage your wall.

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove;
  • Easily adhesive straight to the wall, door, mirror or any smooth surface you want.
  • Made with Super quality environment friendly , removable and waterproof PVC material.
  • It could safe the money to purchase the glass with image;
  • it could renew your Furniture by the most easy and cheap way;
  • It could spend the little money to improve your store / restaurant decoration.
  • You could change the design of your store / restaurant every season.

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