Saijun produce all kinds of led light boxes for decoration & advertising.

Led Light Box
We also call it as light box,slim light box,led boards,led panel,light panels,edge-lit display, edge-lit panel, edge-lit slim light box, back-lit display, back-lit panel, and back-lit slim light box. It is the latest advertise sign product, and it is salable to all over the world.

90% of our LED light boxes are exported to other countries and our customer cover in more than 100 countries and regions. They are widely used in Banks, Securities, exhibition,Traffic System (highway, airport, railway and subway etc) Hospital, and Stadium etc……

Glasses Store Large size fabric led light box Snap frame led light box-800x533 Crystal led light box-CA Samsung Magnetic LED light box-AU SJL8555 Lock open led light box (2) led backlit curtain (6)LED light box on the passagewayFashion Store

  • Charactor of led sllim light box

    1、Delicately Appearance,Ultrathin.LED slim light box is up to 11mm thickness,and it could be less than 0.5 KG for small size.
    2、Energy saving,compare with the traditional fluorescwnt light box,led slim light box could save 70% engrgy.
    3、Long life span,it is up to 11 years if ony LED Light box work 8 hours every day.
    4、The lighitng of led slim light box is surface light source,with uniformity,gentle light, it is more comfortable in visual.
    5、The ligting of led slim light box is mostly near natural light and ture color.The advertising is vivid and pleasing to the ey,with better visual effect.
    6、LED slim light box choice the edge-lit led light panel and backlit led panel desigh.The visual efect of edge-lit led light panel could be comparable with LCD dispaly of notebook PC.
    7、Make full use of light transmission charactor of Acrylic (PMMA),with high lighting releasing,more uniformity and natural lighting.
    8、Very easy application and easy to change the advertising film.
  • Advantage of led slim light box

    1.LED slim light box choice the high-quality led,compare with the traditional fluorescent lamp,the led slim light box save 70% energy.It is conform to the tend of environmental protection and energy-saving development.
    2.LED slim light box with uniform , gentle and natural lighting,promote the advertising effect.The traditional fluorescent slim light box with dark area in the combine lamp area.
    3. Delicately Appearance,Ultra thin,diversify design.The traditional fluorescent lamp light box is 120~180 mm thickness.The edge-lit LED slim light box is only 11 mm ~ 45mm thickness,it is mostly reduce the space requirement.
    4.Low voltage,DC-12V / DC-24v,safe for public.
    5.Easy to installation and easy to change the film.It could only take about 5 mins to change the film,no need any tools.It reduce the labor cost and the maintenance fee.
    6.Compare with  traditional fluorescent lamp light box,the led slim light box with less heat transmission,the advertising film could be prevent dry and yellowish by the traditional fluorescent lamp.
    7.Long lift-span,it is up to 11 year if only work 8 hour every day,reduce the advertising project maintenance fee.
  • Application of led slim light box

    A. Park attractions engineering ,local lantern engineering, the district billboards engineering, shelters engineering, the project of self-service bank teller, telephone booths engineering, electricity emergency works, construction exhibition project, the Airport Corridor project, the subway train station export projects, and so on.
    B.exhibition hall.museums,libraries,stadiums,art gallery,show gallery,opera houses,universities,middle school,vocational school,hospital,bank,insurance, securities decorative propaganda works.,guesthouses,restaurants,Villa, tea-house ,Western restaurants, cake West Bakery, Bar, Kara OK hall, ballroom, sauna shops, beauty salon, gym, health, hospital and other landscaping works.
    D.meeting center,exhibition center, rush center, municipal engineering, department stores, chain supermarkets, shopping square, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, drink trade, alcohol and tobacco trade, chain fast food, pharmaceutical chain ,stationery center, the high-quality goods center, furniture center , household appliances, Musical Instruments monopoly and some advertising promotion project.
    E.Wedding photo studio, home decoration, construction decoration, design institutes, and Planning, Product Design Center.
  • Configuration of led light box

    Configuration of LED Slim Light Box

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