LED lighting for led light box

LED back lighting including back-lit led curtain & back lighting led panel.

In order to reduce the transport fee and offer the custom service for the local clients,most of our clients consider purchase some material ( Aluminium profile / LED lighting / Acrylic panel with dots ) for some rush custom order.Please kindly contact us if you has the some request.

For led lighting,excluding the common rigid led strip apply in the slim light box,we are offer some led back lighting for you choice.

LED lighting for led light box including LED module,back-lit led curtain & back lighting led panel.

LED module is most apply for the fabric led light box.But It is put the led module on the two long sides to edge-lit lighting.

Backlit LED curtain could be lighting of large size led light box.It could be apply in the lighting of the display rack,counter,wall,reception desk,cashier desk,windows,ceiling,floor,store banner,brand logo……

  • The MIN distance form the led panel to the surface is 60 mm / 2.36″;
  • Single sided & Double sided
  • Custom size & personalized design
  • Guarantee: one year

Back lighting led panel is combine several led acrylic panel into a big size back lighting.

Application of LED Curtain
LED‬ ‪‎Curtain‬ could be the ‪‎lighting‬ for the ‪‎Curve‬ led ‪‎light‬ ‪‎box‬.
Compare with the curve led ‪panel‬,the ‪‎backlit‬ led curtain with
  • uniform brightness,
  • cost less,
  • easy to install,
  • reduce much freight fee.
led backlit curtain (10) led backlit curtain (6)

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